How To Start Selling London Used Phones Business In Nigeria

July 01, 2020

Selling of London used phones business is a profitable electronics business and a very lucrative telecommunication business one can start in Nigeria. There is a lot of money in telecommunication business most especially selling of London used phones. My reasons for saying that is this:
Humans, consider cellphones to be the most fastest means of communicating with people that are in far distances, so the demands for it is very high in the market and not everybody can afford to buy a new phone, instead they go for London used phones and that makes the business lucrative.

If there will be any business to recommend, i will definitely recommend selling of London used phones business because it is profitable and people demand for it a lot.

What are the things you need to start this business

Better location
Before starting this business it will be of great advantage to find a better location, because wrong or bad location will definitely reduce the numbers of sales you will be making. So i suggest you get a place at a junction or a market place where people can easily locate you. And once you have secure a better location, you can go ahead and pay for it, by renting.

Furnishing materials
After paying the rental fees, the next important thing to do is to furnish the place with necessary resources. example of such resources are: flooring the ground with tiles, mounting of fluorescent bulbs, roofing etc. In general just make the place look nice and attractive.

Show-glass is also part of important things that should be in your shop, as this will help you in marketing aspects.
Show-glass is made up of transparent glass and aluminum, which are mostly constructed by furnitures. You can get one for yourself by ordering someone to construct it for you or go to the market and purchase it there.

Show-glass are use for marketing purpose. You can spread your London used phones inside it for people to see.

Where and how to purchase London uses phones

After paying and furnishing, it time to make a trip to phones Villa in Lagos State or phones village in Kano State. This two state's which i mentioned above are considered to be a market place where you can purchase London uses phones at a cheaper price in Nigeria. Or you can import them for overseas if you have connections.

When you got there, asked around for companies that sells London used phones in bulk from people you meet in the market place.
After you have been directed as per the description you received, now walk into the company and source for Landon use phones you intend buying.
Don't source for one manufacturer like "Tecno" alone, source for many manufacturer. E.g "Tecno", "Gionee", "Samsung", "Nokia" etc. Reasons is this:

Mr A might have interest in "Tecno" phones while Mr B might not have interest in "Tecno" phones. 

So it will be good to purchase randomly from different manufacturer companies. After sourcing, now bargain and negotiate with the company on the price.


Selling of Landon used phones is a profitable business that can yield more money for you if only you can be able to go into it. Here is a rough sketch on how much you can be able to make from one London used phone you sell.
For instance, you purchase a London used phone at a cost of #2,000 naira from London used phones company as wholesaler. Do you know if you take the same phone to your shop you can sell the phone back to your customers at a price of #4,000 --- #5,000 naira? I guess you don't know. That is just a rough sketch, but the amount of money you can make through selling of London used phones can be beyond imagination if only you are in a better location.

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Facebook and WhatsApp: A tool for business

June 24, 2020

In this 21st century, the emergence of information communications technology (ICT) is taking over almost every means by which we carry out our day to day activities. The social media, a computer-based technology, has now become an easy and common medium by which people communicate. It is of great pleasure to also know that business owners have been taking advantage of the social media to reach out to people all over the world.

Now i want to focus on two commonly used social media sites and how they could be used for business.


It has been reported that Facebook is the largest social networking site in the world and the most widely used with 2.27 billion users as of January 2019. This is quite a large number of people that could be reached with promoting. How then can we go about it?

i). Posting: Posting of your products materials on your timeline, a page, a group or as a personal message to individuals would be of help to reach others. You can likewise search for people in and outside your region, connect with them and reach out to them through posting.

ii). Live broadcast: This is one of the intriguing features Facebook has. With this live broadcast you can run a live program whereby people can catch your current activities from any part of the world. All you have to do is install an updated Facebook app on your phone, click "what's on your mind?" either on your timeline or Facebook homepage, then click "Go live", write what the broadcast is all about and click "go live".
Once you start the live broadcast, it will automatically notify your friends presently online as at the time of the live broadcast so they might join you (you may need to enable 'Notify friends when live'). When you are through with the live broadcast, click on"finish" and save it on your timeline for future watch. Live broadcast may be used for marketing, promoting, advertising, etc.

iii). Post boosting and promotion: Boosting a post may help you get more people to like, share and comment on the posts you create. Boosted posts are also a way to reach new people who are likely interested in your products but don't currently follow you on Facebook.
This would be an opportunity to reach the unreached where you can't afford flight bill.

Kindly note: posts boosting is only enabled on Facebook page account. It can be created with your Facebook personal account.


It is estimated to have about 1.5 billion users as of January 2019. WhatsApp enables users to create group and broadcast list, send posts on one's status, etc. Ensure that groups created are not abused. You can do well to seek for people's permission before adding them to your group and immediately state the purpose and objective of the group. Broadcast list enables you to send a private message to multiple people who have your contact number saved on their phones at a go. Status is a platform where you can share your thoughts in any form which would be visible to people within 24 hours.


It is apparent that entrepreneurs and business owners may not be able to reach out to a hundred people during physical promoting in a location at a specific time. But with social media, one can reach out to millions of people that are interested in your products just at a sitting. I encourage entrepreneurs to create as many social media accounts as possible and use it for promoting their company products.

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How to automatically publish your blog articles on social media and increase your blog views

May 23, 2020

As a blogger after submitting our blog sitemap to Google search console in other to generate organic pure traffics. the next important thing to put in mind is "how to make your blog posts go even more viral and be seen by millions of people that are interested in your posts".
So to maximize this important task, you have to adopt this system of promoting on social media.

What is social media?
Social media is a place where millions of blogger can easily promote their blog articles and increases their income revenues.
but the issue there is the time someone as to spend in constructing a post and sharing it in each social media accounts. which am very sure many don't have enough time to do that.
So to lessen the work for you, i have prepared a simple logic you can use to publish your blog articles automatically on your social media accounts.

Sounds great right!!!

Just follow the below steps to set yours up

1). Goto
From the dashboard click *Get Started* and sign up with your Gmail address and password.
Your password should be longer than 10 characters.

After signing up, goto your Gmail and verify the message sent to you.

2). Login into your account and click on the three dots option button, which is located at the extreme left end of the dashboard and select *Add social* and add your preferred social media accounts.

Note: you can only select two social media accounts for free, So i recommend you to select "Facebook" and "Twitter".
But if you are looking forward to select more than two social media accounts then you have to upgrade to premium account, which is not free.

3). After adding your social media accounts, now still click on the three dots option button again and select *Add feed*.
Another page will display on to you, now click on *website feed* input your blog url  E.g "" into the box and search.

After searching, your blog title will appears under the box, now click on it and follow the settings in the screenshot below. After that click on *connect socials* button.

4). Select the two social media accounts you added earlier and click on *start posting*.

Congratulations your blog articles will start posting automatically to your social media accounts, each time you make a post.

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How to automatically publish your blog articles on social media and increase your blog views How to automatically publish your blog articles on social media and increase your blog views Reviewed by paul oyewole on May 23, 2020 Rating: 5

Two easy ways to gain high qualities backlinks to your website for free

May 02, 2020

What is backlinks?

Backlinks is considered to be a voting system in which Search Engines used in ranking your website, the higher the backlinks the more visible your site will be on search engines.
But the issue is how can you convince someone to link to your blog?

Many bloggers find this task difficult to accomplish, because many people don't usually make references/link to a blog without a reason.

So in today's article i have narrowed down two simple tricks to gain pure free qualities backlinks to your blog without you asking people to link to your site.

Easy way to gain free qualities backlinks to your blog 

1). The most important thing is your contents
Learn to write high quality contents that will solve peoples problems across the web.

My mentor usually said this to me that; before someone will be willing to include your blog URL in his posts, that means your blog is really satisfying and as meet up his expectations in one way or the other.

So if someone have a link to your site, then is main objective is this;

☀️ He wants to provides relevant information to it's users
☀️ He wants people to learn from you.

Do you know my blog that you are on it right now i did not buy or purchase backlinks for it. People i don't know makes references to my blog without instructing them. Honestly writing high quality contents is the best and easiest way to to earn free qualities backlinks to your blog.

And also remember to always write on a trending topic, that too can make people link to your site.

2). Engage yourself in a forum
Forum can help in building high qualities backlinks to your site for free. My reason is this; each time you answered or attend to solve people problems, you have the right to insert your blog URL to backup what you are saying.

So try to engage yourself in a forum.

Note: when engaging yourself in a forum, please choose forum that is ranking high on search engines. Because this will boost your blog visibility overtime.
I have seen some blogs with just 30 backlinks and is ranking high on search engines.

Now that you have understand how to build backlinks, it good to also know how search engines calculate backlinks.

How does search engines and other ranking tools calculate backlinks?

☀️ If your blog URL is mentioned once in a post, it is considered as one backlink on one domain.
☀️ If your blog URL is mentioned twice in a post, it is considered as two backlinks on one domain

So the higher your blog URL appears on a page the higher the backlinks you will accumulate.

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Goldmines On Corporate Farming In Nigeria

May 02, 2020

One area that students and youths are being encouraged to go into at the highest level of government in Nigeria is Agriculture and if you are not currently in the Agricultural sector either passively or actively, you are missing out. 
Agriculture is wide, so let me give a quick breakdown of the value chain of Agriculture and let's see if any of it will interest you.

The value chain of Agriculture starts with farming, then to processing, packaging, logistics, marketing etc. Here are the opportunities that lies within each value chain.

Farming: Do you know you can plant maize at its season and become an overnight millionaire? Do you know you can start as small as planting vegetables and exporting it to African stores abroad? Do you know rice has the highest profit turnover in Agriculture and it can be harvested within a maximum of 4 months after planting? I am sure you don't know how much exposure you will gain by rearing snails or pigs, or if you choose to do poultry or forestry. All these are money spinning businesses, but you have to be focused to choose one and do well in it. If you are enticed to practice 3 or 4 at a time, that is an official invite to failure.

Farming is good but processing is better. The best thing a farmer does after farming is to sell off your produce to off takers. However you will be making triple gains if you look into the value addition of what you plant. For instance, i plant rice, maize and cassava as a young farmer but beyond planting, i process my rice into a packaged product so i have what i call premium Ofada Rice (100% stone free). The stone free is the value behind the rice. We are all familiar with people processing Cassava into garri but i moved ahead by adding a value. So i process my cassava into what i call Coconut garri, with students and working class as my target market.
So, we can see that farming is important but processing is much more important. All of these have their agronomy system so don't just jump at it without being mentored.

You might not have all it takes in terms of time, land, credit facilities etc. to practice farming but this value chain requires little from you. How does it work?

You can choose to market Agricultural produce, i.e. fresh from farm to table. For instance, am a distributor of Coconut Garri in Delta state and i sets a target of 200,000 students' buyers for myself every month out of over million population of Delta. If what i gets as profit on each product after logistics and other expenses is N3. That means i will be earning #600,000 monthly as a middleman between my product and the end users. You could be smart enough like me to divide your profit and employ more sellers working for you. N1 profit multiply by 2 million buyers as compared to N3 multiply by 200,000 buyers.
Marketing sector of Agriculture is somewhere you want to be if you really don't have the strength or zeal for core farming and processing.
But don't forget, you need someone to hold you by your hands if don't want to get your hands burnt.

70% of harvested product such as tomatoes never gets to the market due to logistic issues thereby leading to post harvest loses. Do you know what it means to provide means of transportation for Agricultural produce? If you can provide one bus for transportation, this could become 20 buses in a year if you are diligent enough in the sector.

Each of the above sector requires significant hand-holding and long-time nurturing. Success requires patience, continuous learning and continuous innovation and embracing new techniques.
Success in the sector cannot be achieved without significant investment in research, infrastructure development, grants, aids and continuous training.

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Simple steps to download and install a different template/theme on blogger

April 18, 2020

After creating a new blog the first most important thing to do is to give your blog a nice look. I found out that many young bloggers still don't know how to go about it, so i decided to come up with this article to put them through.

To install a different template/theme on blogger, you have to download the templates file first. For better templates i recommend you download your templates from either (sora themes, way2 theme or templateYard ).

To visit their site all you have to do is search for the above given names from Google. E.g Sora themes template. Check screenshot below.

After clicking on the site now browse and select the one you want. Then scroll down and click on *download now free version* button.
Note: a file with .zip extension will be downloaded.
Now open the file and extract the files out to a folder.

Now it time to upload it to your blog.
But before that make sure you have backup your template/themes. Or click here to learn how to do template backup.

Let get started!!!

Easy way to install template/theme on blogger

1). Goto
And select *theme* from the dashboard and click on *backup/restore* button.

2). click on *choose file* button from the page is displays for you and browse the folder you extract the downloaded template file.
3). Select the file that end with .xml and upload it.

Note: if the above is not working for you then you can try the next one.

1). Open the file that ends with .xml extension from the extracted folder and copy all the codes in it.
2). Go back to blogger and select *theme* from the dashboard.
3). Click on *edit html* and delete all the codes in it.

For computer users
press and hold the CTRL + A to mark all then press and hold CTRL + V to paste the codes. then save your settings.

For those blogging with phones
you can hold a word and click on *select all* then from your typing keyboard press "X" button to clear, or you can clear it manually. After that paste the codes you have copied earlier into it and save your settings.

Congratulations you did it.
I recommend you read how to give your blog a nice look with gadgets arrangements.

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Simple steps to download and install a different template/theme on blogger Simple steps to download and install a different template/theme on blogger Reviewed by paul oyewole on April 18, 2020 Rating: 5

Tips to grow up your new start business (young entrepreneurs)

April 14, 2020

I must say, starting a business afresh can sometime be discouraging, boring and frustrating most especially if people are not patronizing your goods the way you want. Some young entrepreneur close down their business because of this, while few with courage, determination and patience end up succeeding.

I could remembered then when i left my boss to set up my own business. At first i was discourage about the turn out of the business i start up, but after considering the fact that, new business requires tons of efforts, time and many other things for it to be successful. Immediately after that thoughts my hope was renewed, then i began to search for useful tips to grow up my new start business. Out of the useful tips i searched for, below are the ones that works for me, which may also work for you as well.

Following are some tips you can apply to grow up your new start business (young entrepreneur)

1). Make sure you take risks
To become successful in life is not easy neither is it a day job. you need to take this as a challenge, and look for a way to survive. Knowing this fact will inspire you and empowered you to face any kind of risks you expose yourself to. if you succeed after taking a risk then you will enjoy the benefits and if you did not succeed don't be disappointed and keep on trying until you are successful.

2). Have full confidence in yourself
To succeed, you have to trust in yourself first before others can have faith in you.
Have confidence in yourself and remain focused in what you are doing, Don't let yourself lose hope. Expect great things and great things will eventually comes your way.

3). Be patient
Patience solve all things, if you start a business newly it requires time, effort and hard working before that business prosper. As an entrepreneur you will surely face some difficulties while running a business but is requires patience to solve those difficulties. So therefore be patient and stay focused.

4). List out important goals and achieve them
Writing out of goals make it easier for you to remember them. You can get a diary or notebook for this.
And if you are jotting out goals to be achieved, always remember to include it with solutions or ways to accomplish them. Don't just narrow them down alone, but have it in mind.

5). Seek for advice from people
If there is something you are not clear with, ask questions from people that have experience or far-far better than you in that field which you have selected. There is no point deceiving yourself that you know something when you actually don't know anything about it.

6). Value what your customers says
Customers are like analyst they are good in analyzing things they purchase, if your product satisfy them they will surely gives credit for it. But if your product is not up to their taste they will murmur and complain about it.
So as a young entrepreneur please always watch what your customers are saying about your products. Because is from their opinions you will know whether your products is okay or not.

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Tips to grow up your new start business (young entrepreneurs) Tips to grow up your new start business (young entrepreneurs) Reviewed by paul oyewole on April 14, 2020 Rating: 5
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