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How i make money playing instrument

Playing the instrument is another business idea that gives attention to the society, and also increases the standard of living of most people around the world.

What are musical instruments? 

A musical instrument is a device produced or adapted for the creation of musical sounds. Or a musical instruments are any sound-producing object which produce melodious sounds when played.
All musical instrument are the same in music, be it piano, guitar, trumpet, drum etc. The reason is this; musical instruments are all constructed to follow the same tonic-solfas which is "( do, re, mi, fa, soh, la, ti, doh)".

Tonic-solfas are what instrumentalists use to accompany a song, which means you can learn any musical instrument you want to learn and earn money through it.

But i will advice you to learn how to play the most valuable and important one's, Which is piano, guitar, drum and trumpet. Because learning how to play the ones that are not important will earn you little money.

To be honest, as an instrumentalist i do make a lot of money from playing the instrument.  Instruments such as piano, guitar and drums are not so hard to learn. All that is required of you is your time, determination, self discipline and courage in other to learn them.
I remembered some years back when i started learning how to plays the piano newly, i must say, it looks so hard and complicated to me as at that time. but after going for rehearsals day in day out, i was able to master all the whole keys on the piano and plays the piano perfectly well. Then i realized that playing the instrument is as simple as ABC, all it requires is time and efforts.

Below are what i gain from playing the instruments and from this i earn a living:

(1).  am a redeem member i plays the piano for my church, my church pays me #40,000 monthly. And if my church is hosting any programs or concert that involves inviting people, there will pay me nothing less than #2000 and also package something special for me after the program.

(2).  i earn if am called for outside ministration. That is, if am invited by a church or by someone to plays the instrument, after the program they will pay me.

(3).  i teach people that are interested in learning how to play the instrument and get paid for the teaching per month.

So therefore, if you are interested and want to earn money through playing the instrument i will urge you to take the below steps gradually.

Steps to become a good instrumentalist

1. Have your own instrument at home and practice with it always.

2. Get a lesson teacher: having a lesson teacher for yourself will be great because he will be tutoring you on what to do and what not to do.

3.Learn all the whole 12 keys majors and minors: if you really want to out shine among your fellow instrumentalists don't use the "transpose" button learn all the whole keys.

4. Always perfect a song before moving to another one: don't be in hast to leave a song you have not perfected.

5. Learn how to build your ear: build your ear so that it can easily recognizes falling and raising tune.

6. Be going for outside ministration: don't be a local champion expose yourself in other to learn new things.

7. Concentrate and never give up an instrument for another.

Instruments are living beings, it depends on how your emotions are before you perform. If you're sad don't play, because the instrument is going to be sad towards you. And if you're happy believe me, you're going to play excellently well.

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