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Selling of phone accessories: Business that moves fast in Nigeria

In today's era mobile phone as become the major assets every human being must possess all over the world, thus resulting to high demands of phone accessories such as phone chassis, earphone, anti-screen protector, chargers e.t.c. Trust me this is a business that you'll earn nearly 100 percent of the capital you've invested and never fall as most businesses have. The start-up requirements for this business are not much as they are listed below. And the best part of this business is that anyone, young or old, can easily set up this business without registering under the CAC.

What is CAC? 

The word CAC: refers to the "corporate affairs commission" introduced in 1990 by CAMA. The use of this organization is to ensure that business ventures, businesses and small businesses are registered under them before any business is started. But selling accessories for phones doesn't require you to do that. 

Requirements to starts selling phones accessories business:

  1. Capital: refers to the money you use to start up a particular company. The higher the capital, the higher the success rate, that means that if you have enough money to invests in this business better do,  because the needs and desires of consumers are large. In the sense that different types of phone accessories are expected of you in your store. 
  2. Get a trustworthy supplier: this is the most important part of this company because buying goods from a wrong supplier will easily kill the business, meaning his, the goods purchased should be of higher quality in which he or she will be able to patronize you next time when a new customer purchases an item from you. 
  3. Last but not least, get a better location: it is important to get a good and desirable place to set up a business, because good location will always enhance the growth of that particular business. 
Now that you have successfully set up this business i will advice you to take note of this: don't buy phone or anything from anyone because it might be a stolen property.

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