Selling and registering of sim card: A profitable business you can start with low capital

Starting a new business is good, but involving in a profitable business should be your major concern as an entrepreneur. 
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But today i will explain to you in details how to start selling and registering of sim card business in Nigeria.

What is sim card?

Sim card: is made of flat rubber with chip packed within it. Sim card connects you to your service supplier network where calls and text messages you send are charged per your tariff plan, and may only be used once inserted into a cellphone.
Selling and registering of sim card is a business that is profitable, easy and straight forward compared to any other business out there. This business does not require a lot of money from you before you can be able to start it, because virtually everything you need is provided by the service provider network.

What do you need to start sim card business

Selling and registering of sim card is a business anyone can start without investing much capital or worry about the tools for registering, all the necessary tools needed to get this business started are provided by the service suppliers network. Example of those tools are: the tablet exploit for registration, free data sim, thumb print scanner, umbrella and a white background banner which is use for capturing pictures etc. the only thing i know that will cost you little money is, when you are finding a place to set up your umbrella.

How to acquire the tools for registration

To get this business started all you have got to do is to follow the below steps.
First: you have to visit each service supplier network closer to you. When i said each i mean Mtn, Etisalat, Airtel and Glo office. Tell them that you will like to go into sim registration business, that no body in your environment do sim registration.
Second: you will be given a form to fill. Please fill it correctly and submit the form back to them. After submitting the form an agent will be assigned to follow you down to your place to survey the environment whether it is okay for the business. If it okay then you will be given all the necessary tools you need for the sim registration business. and also, you will be taught on how to use them.
Third: Follow the same steps for each of the service supplier network in other to have all the tools you need. Reason is this, Mtn tools can not be use to register an Airtel sim card neither can Airtel tools be use to register an Mtn sim verse-versa.

Profits of selling and registering of sim card

Here are the profits one can make from selling and registering a sim card.
(1). You can buy a sim card at wholesale price as low as #50 naira from the service provider network then register it and resell it at a cost of #300 or #400 naira to your customers and if anyone brings a sim card that's not registered to you for registration, you can charge them #100 or #50 naira per registration.
Note: those price mentioned above are not fixed-price. You can earn more than that, all depends on your location.

(2). The service supplier network will open an account on behalf of you, during which you will be paid #100 per registration monthly. when i said #100 per registration monthly, what i mean is this; if you registered 100 sim cards this month the calculation will be 100 * 100 which means #10,000 will be paid into your account for this month, and there is no limit to what you can earn. Because the higher the sims you registered the higher the money you will receive.

In conclusion

This business is among the best, profitable and lucrative business one can start in Nigeria without investing much capital.

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  1. Sim card business is very good to do.

  2. Please am about starting this business, I have few questions, there is one man doing registration free and sim card is also free, he only charges 200 for recharge card which will be available on the line as soon as activated, please how does he makes profit?

    1. Lanre, like i said earlier in this write up. The service supplier network will open an account on behalf of you, during which you will be paid #100 per registration monthly.
      So, in my on point of view he is trying to attract and gain peoples attention first, before he start charging them.
      All this are just marketing strategies.

  3. Can I open this business and employ a sales rep

    1. Yes, you can start the business and employ someone to be in charge of it.

  4. Thanks got this write up ... All those gadget u said I will be given .... How much I'm I going to pay for it ??

  5. Please are these info still valid now or any changes? Cos I'd like to go into it.. And do u have tips on bulk recharge cards? Thank u

  6. Can't they supply the SIM card for free for me since I am working for their network plus are they still going to pay me for registration if the customer did not load recharge card or make call with the SIM card before the one month piroud

    1. They can't give it out for free, the only thing i know is you can trade your monthly payment for sims.

      Secondly: you asked if you will still receive payment if any of the customer u registered did not load recharge card or make a call with the sim card! {The answer is "NO" you won't receive any payment}.

      The only thing i gonna suggest for you is:
      Try and be selling recharge cards alongside with sims registration business so that each time you registered a sim card for your customer you can persuade them to buy and make a call in-other to confirm the registration is active.


  7. Even me too I would like to start it up. But can I get a number here so I can easily call and ask some questions. Mine is 07033325827. Can I get a number here. Thanks

  8. Thank you for the info, but please how much do I need to start the business?


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