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Business ideas for highschool students

Congratulations to you for being among the privileged few that are in school, it's indeed a rare privilege. As a student engaging in business is a big opportunity for you and a way of developing your entrepreneurship mindset.

Who is an entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is an individual who organizes and operates a business, taking on financial risk with the aim of making profits (Wikipedia).

To be frank, engaging yourself in a business while in school will be the best option to considered because:

☀️ You will be self dependent, you will not be asking for money all the time from your parents to buy handouts, foodstuffs and of course pocket money.
☀️ You can go into the business fully after you have graduated if they is no job.

The truth is, you may not be lucky in securing a good job immediately after you graduated. But, if you engage yourself in one business or the other while in school, then life will be easier for you pending when you are going to secure a better company to work for.

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There are different kinds of business you can engage yourself in as a student while in school, which will not take much of your time, most especially if you are a good time manager.

Types of business you can engage yourself in as a student while in school

1). Shoe, belt and bags making business
2). Internet business e.g information marketing, web hosting, web designing, blogging, affiliate marketing.
3). Satellite installation
4). Trading e.g writing material, empty CDs, pencil, sachet water, flash drive, pen etc.
5). Make-up artist
6). Phones and laptop repairs
7). Laundry and cleaning services
8). Agric business
9). Cosmetology (soap making)
10). Snacks production and catering services
11). Cafe business e.g (typesetting, graphics design, printing of postal, hand bills etc)
12). Events management
13). Selling of phone accessories
14). Music (singing, playing instruments)
15). Hair dressing
16). Organic skin care products etc.
17). Tailor
18). Hair dresser/barbing salon
19). Communication (sim registration business, recharge cards, phone call etc)
20). Photography
21). Computer repairs and assembling
22). Decoration
23). Bead making business
24). Training
25). Barking cakes.

After you have successfully selected one out of the above, i will advice you never to give up or fear. Because i know fear is the biggest barrier to self-starting.

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