How to create a blog in less than three minutes !!!

What is a blog?

A blog is a discussion or informational website. A blog is the same as a news paper or magazine that people read in other to keep them updated.
A blog should contains unique posts, interesting or important information that will be of great help to users across the web.

So, why should you create a blog?

a). World wide today, people are picking interest in a blog because it the fastest and easiest means of getting information and solutions to their problems.
b). If you are good in writing and you feel you can help others, then you can create a blog and turn that passion into a business and earn.
c). You can create a blog for your business and use it to advertise and promote your business.

How to setup a blog

Setting up a blog is free and easy. You can setup a blog by either using WordPress or blogger. For beginners i recommend blogger because it easy and not as complicated as WordPress.
But if the blog you're planning to create is beyond writing, posting of pictures and videos i will advice you to go for WordPress because in WordPress they are no limitation to what you can do.
In addition, setting up a blog does not require you to be an expert in programming before you can create one, all you need is:
a). Smart phone or laptop
b). Gmail account and password
c). Data subscription.

How to create a blog using blogger

Before you start with the creation make sure you have a working Gmail account.

1. Goto

2. Click on the button "create a blog" and provide your Gmail account and password.

3. Now input a name into the blog title field.
Note: the blog title name should not be lengthy.

4. Choose a URL address. E.g ( If it shows unavailable then you have to think for another name to input, but if the URL is thick then you are good to go.

5. Select a themes or template and click on "create blog".

Note: The layout button allows you to change the look of your blog. And also, you can use the layout button to  remove or rearrange gadgets.
Gadgets are element that forms a blog.

Last and not least, go for topics you have knowledge about, and don't scrapped content from other sites. Let your contents be unique, original and free from any kind of abuse.

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In the next article will we explain to you how you can build your blog to the fullest, drive traffic to your blog and monetize it so stay tuned.

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