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Guide for writing a blog articles

What is an Article?

Article is a piece of writing that covers a particular topic. which may be on internet, newspaper or magazine for people to see, read and gain knowledge.
A blog article is also known as post.
A blog article should contain useful information that will be of great help to users across the internet.
Unuseful information on a blog are considered to be trash, just like the way a trash is been disposed that is how unuseful information will be dumped by the reader.
And that might leads to decrease in your site view which may easily kills your career as a blogger.

So to avoid this i will urge you to please read and digest the below steps on "Guide for writing a blog article".

Guide for writing a blog article

1. A post should contain full information about a topic:

Your blog article should contains full information about the topic you choose to write. Don't just start writing about a topic you lack knowledge about. Write articles based on your experience, profession, what you see and what you love doing.

2. Headlines should be attractive:

A blog post headlines should be attractive, grammar less and free from spelling errors.
just use simple English don't go ahead searching the dictionary for grammars to include in your headlines.
My reason for saying that is this; someone might be searching for a specific answer on the web, and maybe in one of the posts on your blog there is an answer to that very question. but due to the grammars you use for your headline that person will just scroll over and go to the next blog that he or she understand the headlines better and click. So avoid the use of too much grammars in your headlines.

3. Each posts on your blog should contains enough words; if possible 500 words and above:

When writing articles on your blog endeavor to write more words as much as you can. Expanciate, cite examples and share more light to the post, because it makes your blog readers understood clearly what you have wrote.

4. Arrange your work:

A blog post should contain heading, subheading and use of bullets or numbering when listing out items. This does not only arrange your blog posts alone, it also beautifies your work.

5. Don't abuse or include scary images

A blog post should not contain any form of abusive words, or an image that is scary. Just use normal images.

6. Remember to include one or two images on a post:

Using images on a post makes people to understand faster than a post with text only.
I remembered a blog i visited last year to get some information about news on sports. the blog design was okay and easy to navigate but the blog doesn't have a single image on a post. Imagine i was reading the post and at the same time Googling to understand which club the blogger is actually referring to.

So please remember to include images on your blog posts.

7. Learn to write according to the topic you have chosen: 

Don't deviate from the post title when writing an article. Learn to write according to the title you have given your blog post. Let take for instance, you want to write an article about "how to create a blog". My take here his; don't deviate from it. Just write about that and don't introduce topics that are irrelevant or not related to the post title.

8. Have a good start, concluding part and ask users for their opinions:

Let your article have a good starting point and a concluding part. And also remember to ask the users for their opinion on each article you wrote.

9. Read your blog posts over and over before publishing it:

After you have finished writing an article, make sure you go through it over and over before posting it, check for grammar errors, spelling errors and where you need to include fullstop or comma before publishing.

How to make a new post on blogger

1). Goto blogger.com
Select *posts* from the control panel and click on *New post*.

2). Below image will give you little description on how to go about posting in blogger.

After finish writing click on *publish*.

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