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Online business ideas 2020 (top 9)

We live in a digital world. Whereas the world has gone through the first industrial revolution (steam-powered factories), second industrial revolution (application of science to mass production and manufacturing), third industrial revolution (automation, computers, electronics and digitalization) and the fourth industrial revolution which has been unfolding is here and now. It entails technologies, artificial intelligence and genome editing.
It is therefore imperative that today's students and youths explore opportunities in the ICT world, some of those opportunities are below.

Online business ideas 2020 (top 9)

1). E-Commerce

E-commerce is the act of selling and buying of goods and services online or over the internet.
You can leverage on the opportunities here by either building your own website or registering as sellers on popular platforms like Konga, Jumia etc.

2). Mini-Importation

This involves finding a physical products people want, import it from overseas at a cheaper rate e.g.  China or sourcing for it locally at a moderate price then sell it at a higher price for profit.
The weapon here is not the normal street hawking of products but DIGITAL MARKETING.

3). Professional digital advertising

To begin, interested persons have to get a Google AdWords certification. This certification costs $50 a few years ago but it is now available free for anyone to take AdWords certification exams and become certified.

4). Video creation for products

This requires skills development but currently in high demand. What sells products now is video. There is therefore high demand for people who can create and edit videos for product description.

5). Blogging

Blogging for money involves turning writing skills into business. This occur when an individual discovers an area of interest which she can write well about E.g (news, sports, fashion, agriculture, religion etc.), to develop huge followers' base, the person has to continue to write on a trending topics, so as to elicit interest/readership.
As the followers on the blog increases, business owners naturally becomes attracted to the blog for advert placement purpose.

6). Affiliate marketing 

This involves promoting other people's products for a commission.

7). Information marketing 

This involves packing what you know into sellable information platform e.g. ebook, video etc.

8).  Building websites for clients 

To get started you must have little knowledge about HTML (hypertext markup language).  Website builder earn money per website they designed. You can be earning #60,000 --- #100,000 per website you designed for your clients.

9). Mobile app development 

This involves designing an Android application.  Android application builders can earn money when they place adverts on their application. The application can now be uploaded to play store for people to see and download.

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