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In today's era many people are successful based on ideas. In fact, every money problem is actually an idea problem because money flows in the direction of ideas. So if you are poor, don't just pray for money, rather pray for ideas.
Are you one of those people who love to comment, like, retweets, love, subscribe on someone posts? If yes then you're the right person for this business. Viral-trend.

Viral-trend is an online marketing platform that pays people to do those tasks mentioned above. 

Viral-trend is the best you can find online presently. There keep to their promise and never fails to pays people that registered under them.

Viral-trend as pay millions of people across Africa and is still paying.
The platform is just a year plus, the CEO is from Nigeria but base in US. His name is paul omogie.

How does Viral-trend operate?

1). There pays you #3 - #4 to like, love, retweet and comments on someone posts on your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook account.
2). There pays you #10 when you follow someone on your Twitter and Instagram account.
3). There pays you #8 when you subscribe to a channel on YouTube.

Requirements for joining Viral-trend

1). Your Gmail account
2). ATM card with #500 or #1500 in it.

Note: the registration fee is just (#500 for basic and #1500 for premium). Both "basic" and "premium" account will earn  you the same money while performing social media tasks.

As for commission the earning is different.

For basic account:

You earn 30% direct referral commission
And 5% indirect referral commission

For premium account:

You earn 50% direct referral commission
And 10% indirect referral commission.
Note: minimum payout is #3000.

Steps to register for Viral-trend

1). Goto https://viraltrend.org and click on register. From the "register" page enter you firstname, lastname and gmail-address into the preferred box and click on "get started" button.

2). Select your plan or account type "basic" or "premium". After making your selection click on next. In the screenshot below i select "basic".

3). Input your information e.g "country", "state", "password", "username" and select "promote and earn" button. Then click on "register".

4). Now goto your Gmail account and verify the message sent to you. In the message click on "verify" button or the link below the button.

5). After clicking on the link in your Gmail.
Note: you will be redirected to viral-trend website. Now login with your "gmail-address and password. From the homepage select"dashboard".

6). Click on the menu three dot and select "profile" from the options. Scroll down and link all your social media accounts you see there and click on "update profile".

7). Under that same "profile" scroll down and inputs your bank details and click on "update bank info".

8). Click on the three dots menu and select "dashboard".
From the dashboard select any task you want to perform, and click on "view more". Then accept the task.

9). After accepting the task click on the link that follows, to perform the task.

10). Last but not least submit the username of the person you perform the task for, and together with your gmail-address. Then click submit.

Wow congratulations you have just perform a task.

Always take note of this: don't submit task when you have not perform it. Because doing that may leads to your account been banned.

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