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How to add your own copyright to blog footer on (blogger)

Adding your own copyright details on the footer part of your blog, makes it looks professional, unique and original to your blog readers.
Copyright also gives you the opportunity to add important details on you blog footer. Example of such details are ( copyright icon, how old is your blog and your blog title).
You can add your own copyright even if the templates you are using on your blog is free, all you have got to do is get rid of the copyright details that comes with the template you applied on your blog.
click here to learn how to remove copyright details on free template.

After you have successfully removed the copyright on your blog, then you can continue with the below steps to add your own copyright details.

Note: this is on blogger only and also remember to backup your template first before starting anything.
If you did not know how to backup your template please click here.

Let get started.

How to add your own copyright details on your blog 

1). Goto blogger.com and login with your Gmail account and password.

2). From the dashboard select *theme* and click on *edit html* button.

3). Copy and paste the codes in this box [ <div class='copyright-area'> copyright © 2020 pauloyewole's blogging best business ideas and free blog mentorship.</div> ] right after the template copyright closing "</div>" tag which you have gotten rid of in our previous post. I know it sounds complicated, but don't worry it easy just follow the screenshot below

Note: remember to edit my details and substitute it with your details, if not when you save it my details will be showing on your blog footer.
After you have done that, now scroll up and click on *save theme*.

Congratulations you have successfully completed the task. You can now visit your site to view.

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