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How to choose a perfect and enticing blog title

After creating a blog the next important step is to choose a blog title.

What is blog title?

Blog title is an heading or a name given to a blog, which tells people the kind of questions you provide answers to; in summary.

Blog are created to help people find answers to their questions. A blog should contains information that will solve people problems across the web.
So before you start a blog always consider asking yourself this question; "what kind of information will i be providing"  after i create a blog. Is it information about sports, education, lifestyle, blogging tips etc.
If you can find an answer to that question, then it will be easy for you to come up with a perfect blog title.

A blog title is not something that is permanent, you can keep editing, until it becomes perfect.

Choosing a blog title for yourself can sometimes be difficult to figure out.

I can still remembered then when i create my blog, i also face this challenge of "which blog title will go well with my blog," and will be simple, enticing and perfect.
but i was able to overcome that challenge only when i carry out some research on other blogs of the same niche with my.
After the research, then i realized that blog title have there own syntax you need to follow before you can be able to come up with a perfect one.

So don't worry because in this post i will be showing you some ideas, syntax and steps you can follow to come up with a perfect one as well.
Below are the steps.

How to choose a perfect and enticing blog title

1. A well written blog title should clearly defines you, talk more about your blog in just a single sentence. Let take a look at my own blog title as an example. (paul oyewole's best business ideas and free blog mentorship). We can see in just a single sentence my name was present "paul oyewole's" and also the kind of information i rendered is present too which is "best business ideas and free blog mentorship".

2. Let your blog title be easy to pronounce; don't go ahead using grammars, just use simple and understanding English.

3. Blog title should not contains special characters; e.g ~`¢¥π$€™ etc.

4. A blog title should be accessible; whether you include it in the footer part of your blog or the header part just make it easy for people to see it easily.

5. Let your blog title be cool, unique and enticing; don't use the same blog title with others.

6. There is nothing bad in checking out blog title of the same niche with yours.
Niche are areas which you have choose to provide informations.
7. Let your blog title correspond with the type of information you provide on your blog. If your blog is providing information about music, then let it reflect in your title.

8. Like i said earlier think deep, before giving a title to your blog.

How to change a blog title

1. Goto blogger.com and select "settings" > "basic".
2. Under "basic" click on "edit" next to title.

I recommend you read what others are reading how to remove blogspot from your url and customize it to(.com, .net, .org).

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