How to buy/set up Google Custom Domain

What is url?

Url (uniform resource locator) refers to an address which people use to find their way across the web. A url is easy to remember when it does not contain "blogspot" or "wordpress" in it.
Blogging is a popular and serious online business that you will earn money while sleeping. And before you can start making money through it, your blog as to comply with Google AdSense.

What i mean is that a blog should be easy to navigate, contents should be unique and original. One of this originality Google AdSense is looking forward to before getting a blog approved, is for you to get a custom url for yourself before applying. E.g, .net, .org etc.

So therefore in today article i gonna be showing you how you can get your own custom url from Google for as low as $12 with free hosting for a year.

Google custom url are the best url you can find online today. Reason for saying that is because, the cost for getting one is low and you will be registered under "https" (hypertext transfer protocol) which means a visits to your blog is secured and protected by Google and can not be hacked by anyone.

And also take note of this: blogs with custom url have 100% assurance of getting their blog approved for Google AdSense advert than a blog with free blogspot url.

So let get started with the buying.

Note: you can buy custom url from Google in two ways; one is through blogger and the other one is by going to the site directly.

How to buy Google custom domain in blogger

note: use computer for this;

1. Sign in to blogger.
2. From the dashboard select "setting" basic
3. Under "publishing" next to "blog address" click buy a domain.
4. You will be redirected to another page, from the new page input a name into the search box and wait. If the domain name as already been taken google will suggest some domain name that are similar to the one you input.
5. If you have gotten the one that suit you, just click on buy.
6. Provide your credit/debit card details and select your country, name etc.

How to buy Google custom domain directly from the site

This method is an alternative for those who use phone for blogging and can not find "buy a domain name" button under their blog "setting".

1. Kindly go to
2. On the homepage input a domain name you want in the search box and click get
3. Google will scan and search if the domain name
you input is available.
4. If it not available or already taken, Google will display some domain name similar to what you input.
5. Select from the suggested name that suit you and click on the small icon next to the name to buy.

6. After clicking on the icon, a page will be displayed to you asking you to sign in your Gmail account. Now provide your Gmail username and password and login.

7. Provide your information and your credit/debit card details and pay.
Now that you have successfully buy a domain name, it time to link up your blog with the new custom url.

Steps to set up custom domain in

1. Login back to
2. Select "setting" > "basic" > "publishing".
3. Under "publishing" click on "set up a third party url for your blog" and provide the custom url you have purchased.

4 now wait for a while for it to load. Once it displays redirect then everything is set.
5. Remember to select "yes" for https.

Now everything is set you can now test your new custom url.

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