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How to remove credit details on free template easy steps (blogger)

Removing credit details on templates is meant for bloggers who do not have money to purchase premium version of templates. A free version of templates usually comes with credit details, this credit details are added by template builders to generate backlinks to their website. Although i am going to show you how to prevent it from showing up on your blog, but it good to know that this credits links cannot be gotten rid off totally even if you prevent it from showing up on your blog Google still count these links as dofollow backlinks when ranking the templates builder website, unless you want to use another method by clearing all the credit details from the template source codes which am positive it won't work for you because, those credits details on free templates have a link that must interact with the template builders website first before it can work perfectly on another blog.

Now let me answer this question that most bloggers usually ask me, the question is this "Is it good to remove credit details links from a free templates?" The answer is yes, it good but to spare yourself some time and also have access to the template builders support team i recommend you purchase the premium version of templates instead of downloading the free version.

Now i will show you steps to remove credit details on free templates.
Note: please follow the below steps one after the other to avoid themes crash or unnecessary redirecting to template builder homepage when trying to view your site.

How to remove credit details on your blog footer (blogger)

Before we start make sure you backup your themes first, if you are not familiar with blogger and you don't know how to backup your template please click here.

1). Goto blogger.com
From the dashboard click on theme. 

2). You will see two options "customize" and "edit html" buttons and click on *edit html*.

3). For those of you that are using computer press CTRL + F and search for <div class='copyright-area'> but those that are using their phones to blog please yours is manually, you have to keep scrolling until you get to <div class='copyright-area'> under footer.

4). Copy this code in the cruly brace  { style='font-size:0px;' } and paste it in between the div tag <  > of the code you searched in step 3. check screenshot below

Now scroll up and save the settings

Congratulations you did it.

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