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How to submit your blog url to google and generate organic traffics

Submitting a blog URL to Google is easy as ABC and Google is a place to generate pure free organic traffics to a blog.

So, what is organic traffics?

Organic traffics are pure, free traffic from search engine. E.g (Google, bing and yahoo) which direct people to your blog or website through keywords there search on. For example, if a user of the internet is searching for an answer to a question like "what is a blog" in Google search engine, Google will not displays the answer directly to the user instead Google will scan for blogs or websites that as the keywords "blog" and displays back a series of website to the user as answer.

why should you submit your blog url to Google

1). Google is known to be number one search engine in the world that provide answers to any kind of questions. Being the number one all over the world, submitting your blog url to Google will be helpful.
2). To generate pure free organic traffics.
3). Submitting your blog url to Google is totally free. Google won't charge you because, Google is interested in your knowledge.

How to submit blog url to Google

To submit a blog url to Google is very easy with simple steps to follow and your blog url will be indexed.
A blog url can be submitted to Google using a sitemap through Google Search Console tool.

What is sitemap?

A sitemap is a file that contains a blog posts, pages and images of a site. This sitemap is mostly used by search engines crawler to indexed a site.
You can generate a sitemap using online sitemap generator or by writing it yourself like this. "https://www.yourblogurl.com./sitemap.xml".

Now i will guide you through how you can submit sitemap to Google search console.

How to submit your sitemap to Google using Google Search Console

1. Goto Google and search for "google webmaster" or click this link. https://www.google.com/webmasters/#?modal_active=none
2. Now from the homepage click on the "search console" green button.

3. enter your domain url in the search box and click continue.

4. Wait for it to load, after it finish loading click on the menu icon located at the top left corner of the page and select your domain url you see there.

5. Now submit your sitemap to Google. Sitemap is a map that contains all the url in your domain.  To access the sitemap on your console dashboard, click on menu again and select sitemap.

A valid sitemap you are to submit to Google looks like this. check screenshot below. All you have got to do is to substitute my url "pauloyewole" to your own url.

6. Click submit. If it shows success as shown in above screenshot then congratulations your blog posts will start appearing in Google search engine.
Now wait for a month or two and search for your posts on Google if it as started showing. If it showing congratulations but if it not showing, sign in to your Google search console and request for indexing.
To do that select "url inspection" from your dashboard and input your domain url into the box and click ok.

After that click "request indexing".

To arrange your site listing on Google use this (blogger.com) only

a). Sign into blogger from your dashboard select "settings", "search reference".
b). Under crawlers and indexing select "custom robots txt" and click "yes" to enabled it.
c). Select "custom robots header tags" and click "yes" then follow the screenshot below and "thick" those areas i ticked and save change.

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