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How to track your blog views/manage tracking your own page views on (blogger)

Tracking your page views as a blogger is important if you want to know how helpful your blog posts his, to users across the internet. By knowing these numbers can help you decide whether to continue with the niche you have chosen to blog about or to switch, if you are not getting clicks.
Tracking your page views gives you the opportunity to view where your traffics are coming from (traffics source) and also provide an option to manage tracking your own page views. Which means, blogger will stop taking records of your visit to your blog.

To track your page views is not as hard as you think.
With the help of *stats* from blogger everything is easy.
What is stats? Stats is a branch of applied mathematics concerned with the collection and interpretation of quantitative data and the use of probability theory to estimate population parameters = statistics.

Now that you have little understanding about *stats* then
Let get started!!!

How to track/manage tracking your own page views on blogger

Step 1 
Goto blogger.com
Step 2
From the dashboard select *stats* and click on *overview* from there you will see everything including your page followers etc.

Step 3
In this step i will show you how to manage tracking your own page views.
Under the same *stats* ----> *overview* click on the button which says *manage tracking your own pageviews*.
after clicking; another page will be displayed onto you, from there thick the small box next to *don't track my views for this blog*. Check screenshot below

That is all.

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