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Chipper cash: earn money for free by just downloading and referring people to its app

Are you one of those people who is looking for means to earn money online without investing? If yes, then you don't have to worry about it again because in today's article am going to show you how i earn money for free on chipper cash app. Before then it good to know what chipper cash app does.

What is chipper cash and how does it work

Chipper cash is an Android application that enables users to send and receive money online.
The company that owns this platform are looking for ways to make people use their application so they are dashing out free #250 naira to people that download and install (chipper cash application).

Not that alone, you can also earn #250 naira for free each time you refers people to download (chipper cash application).
For example, you refer 4 people through your referral link to download (chipper cash application) then the calculation will be 250*4 which is 1000, which means #1000 will be paid into your account.
Their withdrawal is done weekly.

How to start earning from chipper cash

1). Download the application from your Google play store.
2). Create a password and username.
Note: if you're ask for tag, just put your nickname there.
3). Fill in your details and your bank account details.
4). Lastly verify your account by taking a sefie of yourself and make sure the account number you provided in step 3 is yours.

After that you will be credited with #250 naira.

How to earn more money from chipper cash 

Copy your referral code or id and share it to your friends and family. Ask them to download chipper cash application, after that ask them to insert your referral id into the required box.
Note: both of you will receive #250 when everything is done.

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