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How to check if Google as indexed your posts after submitting sitemap in (Google search console)

After submitting a blog sitemap to Google search console for indexing, it takes some time for Google to crawl all the posts/pages in that sitemap. Atimes it might take longer time than expected before your blog posts will start appearing in Google search engine due to some errors found during crawling. But if Google crawlers did not detect any issues with your blog during crawling, then you should expect your posts on Google search engine in a month or two.
Click here and learn how to submit your blog sitemap to Google if you have not.

Now i will guide you through the steps to check if Google as successfully indexed your posts.

Steps to check if your blog posts is on Google search

1). Goto Google.com
2). In the search box type this "site: example.com".
Note: you are to replace the "example.com" with your blog url.
Let take a look at my own blog which is pauloyewole.com as an example. check screenshot below

You will notice in the above image everything about my blog contents appears, which means my blog posts as being indexed successfully.
So follow the above steps and do likewise.

For Bloggers using blogger.com

Before checking, make sure you verify that "privacy" is enabled in your blogger settings.
To verify, sign in to your blogger dashboard select *basic* under *settings* click on *edit* next to *privacy* select *yes* from the pop-up window and save changes.
Check screenshot below

Note: the above is always set to enabled by default, but it good you verify it.

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