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How to fix Ads not showing in blogger

Well, i understand how hard it is to get an approval from advertising network to monetize your blog and earn money, most especially the higher paying ones e.g (Google AdSense, Media.net etc).

They can't just accept any blog that apply for monetization. they have to run series of tests, reviews and checks on blogs to confirm if there actually meet their requirements or programs policy.
If your blog meet their requirements, surely they will approved your site within 24 hours.

Let leave that aside and face today's topic which is "How to fix ads not showing after getting approval from (Google AdSense, Media.net etc)".

Honestly this issue of advert not showing up on a blog can sometimes be annoying.
At first when i got my blog approved by media.net, all i could do was to follow the instructions given to me on how to create "advert units" , where to place the "advert codes" etc. Which am very sure the steps are the-same for all advertising networks.

After finish pasting the "advert code" on my blog through the help of instructions given to me, which am %100 sure i did it right. Then i noticed adverts are not showing up on my blog, instead of adverts showing up rather a white blank space will be left on my blog.

Then i began to look for ways to fix it, could you believed i nearly search the whole Google for a solutions to fixed it, but to my greatest surprise i couldn't find a solution for it, so i decided to find a solution to fixed it myself though it took me so long but i was able to get it fixed.

But do you know the problem is just from the template *sidebar* fixed feature.

If yours is not showing up just follow the below steps and get it fixed.

Blogger only!!!

Steps to fix adverts not showing up on your blog

1). Goto blogger.com
From the dashboard select *layout* and click on *Default variables*

2). From the pop up window edit *fixedSidebar* and change only the *URL* from "true" to "false" then click on *save* button. And save all the settings.

Note: if your template is not having *fiedSidebar* under *Default variables* then you can consider adding *fixedSidebar* to it. Follow the below steps to add

Please take note: the letter "S" in-between the "fixedSidebar" is capital letter.

1) in the *Default variables* menu type "fixedSidebar" into the box next to *New Site Name*

 Then type "false" into the *New Site URL* and click *Add link*. Check screenshot below

That is all.

Save your settings and check your blog.

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