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Reason why you should monetize your blog with Media.net

Media.net is number 2 overall best adverting platform in the world after Google AdSense. They pays publishers or website owners per impressions.

What is impression?

An Impressions is a count of the total number of times digital advertisements display on someone’s screen within the publisher's network. Whether the ad is clicked is not taken into account. Each time an ad is fetched, it is counted as one impression. (Wikipedia). Which means; your blog readers don't have to click, before you can earn.

☀️ Unlike Google AdSense or other adverts networks that pays publishers cost per clicks. To some bloggers Media.net is their number 1 best advert networks that generate alot of money 💰 for them and to some people it is the second.

☀️ Media.net pays publisher $5 for every 1,000 impression they generate on their blog and also allows publisher to place three different types of adverts unit on a page. Meaning if you are having a blog view of 334 per day then you will be earning $5 every day. You don't seem to have understand what am talking about, so let do the calculation together.

Remembered i said you are only allow to place 3 adverts on a page. so the calculation will be ( 3 * 334 ) which will generate 1,002 impressions for you.

They pays publisher on a monthly basis, but your revenue have to reach $100 before you can get paid.

Isn't it okay for a start.

☀️ Media.net are the only advertisering networks that rendered support to their publishers. Meaning, each time you got your blog approved, they will assign someone that will guide and assist you towards earning huge amount of revenue.

☀️ But nevertheless both (cost per clicks and cost per impression) are good, it all depends on your niche and traffics. If your site is receiving huge amount of traffics or your audience and visitors are from (USA, UK and CANADA) i suggest you go for Media.net. because you can easily get approval from them. Latest in five days. Click here if you want to get your blog approved in 24 hours.

☀️ And also Media.net advert allows you to use Google AdSense together on one site. I know many people will be afraid to used the two together because of Google AdSense banned issues. But don't be afraid, because the two advertising networks support each other and works perfectly well without any hindrances. And they're both strict in terms of policies and have the right to banned, suspend or terminate any accounts that violates those policies. So before you apply for any of them, i will urge you to please read and digest their terms and conditions first.

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