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Reason why you should respect and take information serious

What is information?

Information is a news or knowledge received or given. An example of information is what's given to someone who asks for background about something.

I know many people will be wondering why i choose to write on this topic, but don't worry you are going to find out after you finish reading the article.

Today's article is divided into two dimensions which is "information is business and information is life".

Let start with information is business!!!

Information is business

Gone are the days when people ignores the most important thing in life, which is information
As at that time you can become successful without working will information. But the truth about the matter in today's era is that, before anyone can be successful you have to work alongside with information.

Business enthusiasm made us to understand that, many people are poor not because they have nothing doing, but because they lack some vital information on how to promote and showcase themselves.

Information updates one, but having access to the right ones will be better. Do you know those graduates you find on the streets with C.V in their hands, going from one place to another seeking for a better job, what do you think is keeping them updated, It's information. 

Information as occupied almost 60% --- 70% of our life. Most people we see earning money online, winning tickets etc. Is actually the work of information they received from either their friends or relative.

So therefore, i will urge you to please considered useful information from people around you, as this will help boost up your business and income revenues.

Information is life

☀️ Information can kill, do you believe information kills? Ok let me explain. for instance, a person is suffering from severed headache which we all no after some treatments he or she will be fine, maybe that person was asked to do some scan in other to detect what is wrong and where to start the treatment from. After the scan they found out that the person is HIV positive. 

What do you think would happen to that person if that message gets to him. to me that person will want to die, because HIV is a deadly disease that as no cure. 
At that point in time the information/message he or she receives is way too much to handle. We can see information can kill, it all depends on how you delivered it.

We have seen several cases like that where information takes life. So before you deliver or convey any message to anyone please endeavor to read the atmosphere at that point in time.

☀️ Information can also save life, do you know information can save life? O yes it can. For instance a person is passing through a lot in life, when i said a lot; i mean things are not working fine for him. Then peradventure he fall sick and was admitted in hospital due to thinking, do you know if that person received information that, someone is going to uplift is burden by giving him #2,000,000 to support is business. What do you think will happen to such person? Sure he his going to regained is strength immediately and will love to get back home as soon as possible. 
We can the information he received saved is life from sickness.

They are cases like that where information saves life. What do you think about the covid-19 virus that takes life, if me and you do not receive information about it, maybe probably we would have been dead by now.

Please learn to respect information and take it serious because without Information we won't be where we are today.

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