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AdSense alternatives for small websites 2020

Many bloggers have been looking for means to monetize their blog after getting disapproved or banned/terminate message from Google AdSense.

To be honest Google AdSense is really the best advertising network all over the world that pays publishers well, but the issue Google AdSense is having is that; they don't notify or gives warning message before terminating publishers. even if they do, they won't give you the right answers to fixed it. So if you are a publisher in this advertising network, i will urge you to please and please don't violate any of their rules and regulations.

Now let go to today's article, which is best Google AdSense alternatives to monetize your small blog or site.

1). Infolinks

What is infolinks?

Infolinks are links/adverts on a blog which allows publisher earn money, whenever blog readers hover their mouse on those links/advert. infolinks pays publishers per advert impressions there generate on their blog, their payment range from $1 ---  $5 per impressions depending on your blog niche and traffics source.
The advert network are not interested with the amount of traffics you generate on your blog, all they are after is the quality of your blog contents. So if your blog contains qualities contents then your chances of getting approval is high. It only takes 24--48 hours for them to review your blog.

You can also earn %10 for 12 month if you referred people into the system through your referral link.

Well i will said this advert network is best for small, medium and large blog.

2). Media.net

media.net deals with contextual adverts, which is considered to be direct alternatives to Google AdSense.

What is contextual adverts?

Contextual adverts are advert that looks exactly like text, if you are not told that this is an adverts you won't know. Which means it as higher chances of it getting clicks.
they pays publisher $5 per 1,000 impressions you generate on your blog or site.
For example: 
If your blog is receiving 332 page views daily, then you will be generating 1,000 impression, because the advertising network allows publishers to paste three advert units per page.
Not that alone, you will also earn whenever your blog readers click on adverts.
The advert networks also have referral system which allows publishers earn %10 money from the people they referred into the system. to gain approval is easy if your blog readers are from (US, CANADA and UK) it only takes 24 hours after applying.

Media.net is best for blogs that received huge traffics.

3). Propeller ads

This ads network is the best when it comes to popunder adverts and also pays publishers well on time with minimum threshold of $50 on monthly basis. It also provides different types of adverts units such as (natives, push notifications, interstitial, banner). this advertising network accept publishers instantly, which means immediately you submit your URL you start earning money from your blog that same minute.

This advert network is best for any niche and downloading site.

Displaying adverts is the fastest and easiest method of earning 💰 money from your blog, choose any of the above and start earning.

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