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things to do before applying for Google AdSense

Getting approval from Google AdSense as been the major dreams of every bloggers that want to monetize their blog with displays adverts, but before you can get your blog approved by them there are things you need to fix first before applying.
Don't just start applying when your blog as not actually meet their requirements because if you do, they will always turn your application down.

So to prevent that from happening i will urge you to please read the below steps on "what to do before applying for Google AdSense advertising network".

What to do before applying for Google AdSense

1). Your contents

As a blogger even if you are not planning to apply for any advertising network, please learn to write your article from scratch. Don't scrap someone else contents, use your English. And if you are very sure that your contents are free from any plagiarism then you can applied. Which am very sure that you will got a positive results.

Plagiarism is also known as copyrighting someone contents.

have at least five well written articles on your blog, each should contains nothing less than 500 words before applying for Google AdSense

2). Choose a better template

Make sure your blog look neat and attractive. Don't use a background that will make your blog look awful or affect visitors eyes when reading. If possible pay for premium template and apply it to your blog. Or click here to give your blog a nice look with gadgets arrangements (guide).

3). Add important pages

Add pages such as [ Contact us, About, Privacy policy, Cookies policy Disclaimer etc. ] to your blog footer.
This pages are important because it actually tell visitors everything about your blog. Such as
  • Details about you and how to contact you
  • Details about third party advertising network on your site
  • What you use information you collect on your blog for
  • What to do and what not to do etc.

4). Let contents be easy to navigate

If you are blogging about many things, please learn to categorize or tags your contents for easy access. A visitor should be able to locate or find whatever they're looking for easily on your site.

5). Submit your blog sitemap to search engines most especially (Google)

This is essential for all bloggers if you want to generate pure free organic traffics to your blog. Click here to learn how to submit your sitemap to Google .

6). Make your site look original by getting rid of copyright credits on your blog footer

Copyright are purposely included by the templates builder. So get rid of it and include your own copyright details. Click here to learn how to get rid of copyright credits on your blog.

7). Get a custom url for your blog

Purchasing a custom url for your blog will increase the percentage of getting your blog approved. Because in Google AdSense policy no free blogspot url is accepted.

You can actually get a custom domain url from Google for as low as $12 dollars for a year. Which is the cheapest in the world. Click here to learn how to get your own custom url.

8). Let your domain be a month old

I heard many people saying that your blog as to be six months old before you can apply for Google AdSense. But i tell you i have seen blogs that got approval within a month. The time doesn't matter, what really matters is your contents. Write unique and original content and your blog will be approved in 1 month.

After you have considered the above steps, Now you can apply for Google AdSense.

Wish you the best of luck.

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