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How to publish blog articles on social media automatically

Initially when social media came into existence it is known to be a platform for chatting and for having funs. But today, social media is widely used among business owners and bloggers to reach out to people around the world through promoting and sharing of (ideas, blog contents, products items images etc).

What is social media?

According to MATTHEW HUDSON Social media refers to websites and applications that are designed to allow people to share content quickly, efficiently, and in real-time.
but today i will show you how to publish blog articles automatically on social media through "dlvr.it".

What is dlvr.it?

Divr.it is an online platform that helps bloggers post automatically to their social media accounts after linking it to their blog URL. Meaning, each time you publish a new articles on your blog, this platform will draft out the new published articles "title and image" then share it to your social media accounts automatically. Dlvr.it comes with two plans which is:
a). Basic plan
b). Pro plan
"Basic plan" allows you to link two of your social media accounts up with your site for free which is limited to 3 posts per day while "Pro plan" enables you to link up to 10 social media accounts to your blog, which does not have daily auto posting limitation, but not free.
So today i will focus on the basic plan which permit linking of two social media accounts but before then, let me list out the importance of using automatic posting on social media.

Importance of automatic posting on social media

a). It saves time
b). It makes blogging easy
c). It drives traffics to a blog

Steps on how to set up auto posting on social media

1). Goto dlvr.it
From the dashboard click *Get Started* and sign up with your Gmail address and password.
Your password should be longer than 10 characters.

After signing up, goto your Gmail and verify the message sent to you.

2). Login into your account and click on the three dots option button, which is located at the extreme left end of the dashboard and select *Add social* and add your preferred social media accounts.

Like i said earlier you can only select two social media accounts for free, So i recommend you to select "Facebook" and "Twitter". But if you are looking forward to select more than two social media accounts then you have to upgrade to premium account, which is not free.

3). After adding your social media accounts, now still click on the three dots option button again and select *Add feed*.
Another page will display on to you, now click on *website feed* input your blog url  E.g "https://pauloyewole.com" into the box and search.

After searching, your blog title will appears under the box, now click on it and follow the settings in the screenshot below. After that click on *connect socials* button.

4). Select the two social media accounts you added earlier and click on *start posting*.

Congratulations your blog articles will start posting automatically to your social media accounts each time you make a new post.

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