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Two important things to employ if you want to revive your business/company after covid-19 pandemic

Due to covid-19 pandemic many small scale, medium scale and large scale businesses have suffered from what we called decrease in buying/purchasing rate.

This crises have made millions of companies close down. as of March 1, most companies began to experience this issues of not having enough people to patronize their goods and services as there usually do.
Before the government declared, total lockdown to prevent the spread of this deadly virus (covid-19).

Not companies alone, but also in every sectors including (church, mosque, schools etc.) Closed down.

I strongly believe that by the end of May or June when everything is settled, and we are asked to go back to our place of businesses. Do you know many companies/businesses will not be able to hold their stand after this? Oh yes that can be possible because most companies/businesses usually operate on a daily basis.
Imagine a company that have been lockdown for 2 months without any transactions, to your own opinion what will be the organization decision after there reopened?

☀️ First is either there reduced their working staffs or
☀️ reduced producing rate.

Which we all know that this two things mentioned above can leads to decrease in company standards.

So to avoid all this from happening i will urge us to please applied the below steps.

Two important things to employ if you want to revive your business/company after covid-19 pandemic

1). Immediately you reopened your business, call a board meeting and discussed this with your staffs that; due to covid-19 pandemic crises you will not be able to pay them in full and also you are not willing to terminate or sack anyone because of this.

After saying that make sure you as for their opinions on it. If there are okay with it then you can now go ahead and discuss with them on the amount your company is going to give them at the end of the month.

2). As for the producing rate, please don't reduce it just stick to the normal way you usually operate, if possible invest all the money you have at that point in time into the business. My reason for saying this; is because due to the lockdown and borders been shutdown, there will be scarcity of things in the market.

Imagine you're the only company in the country that is producing such goods, surely you will make more sales then ever.

So to revive your business/company on time please this two things are important to business growth.

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  1. U are really a great entrepreneur sir.. More ages to those that felt they can't continue bcos of few failures in business, say yes and u will make it


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