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Facebook and WhatsApp: A tool for business

In this 21st century, the emergence of information communications technology (ICT) is taking over almost every means by which we carry out our day to day activities. The social media, a computer-based technology, has now become an easy and common medium by which people communicate. It is of great pleasure to also know that business owners have been taking advantage of the social media to reach out to people all over the world.

So today i will focus on two commonly used social media sites (Facebook and WhatsApp) and how they could be used for business.


It has been reported that Facebook is the largest social networking site in the world and the most widely used with 2.27 billion users as of January 2019. This is quite a large number of people that could be reached with promoting. How then can we go about it?

i). Posting: 

Posting of your products materials on your timeline, a page, a group or as a personal message to individuals would be of help to reach others. You can likewise search for people in and outside your region, connect with them and reach out to them through posting.

ii). Live broadcast: 

This is one of the intriguing features Facebook has. With this live broadcast you can run a live program whereby people can catch your current activities from any part of the world. All you have to do is install an updated Facebook app on your phone, click "what's on your mind?" either on your timeline or Facebook homepage, then click "Go live", write what the broadcast is all about and click "go live".
Once you start the live broadcast, it will automatically notify your friends presently online as at the time of the live broadcast so they might join you (you may need to enable 'Notify friends when live'). When you are through with the live broadcast, click on"finish" and save it on your timeline for future watch. Live broadcast may be used for marketing, promoting, advertising, etc.

iii). Post boosting and promotion: 

Boosting a post may help you get more people to like, share and comment on the posts you create. Boosted posts are also a way to reach new people who are likely interested in your products but don't currently follow you on Facebook.
This would be an opportunity to reach the unreached where you can't afford flight bill.

Kindly note: posts boosting is only enabled on Facebook page account. It can be created with your Facebook personal account.


It is estimated to have about 1.5 billion users as of January 2019. WhatsApp enables users to create (group and broadcast list, send posts on one's status, etc). Ensure that groups created are not abused. You can do well to seek for people's permission before adding them to your group and immediately state the purpose and objective of the group. Broadcast list enables you to send a private message to multiple people who have your contact number saved on their phones at a go. Status is a platform where you can share your thoughts in any form which would be visible to people within 24 hours.

It is apparent that entrepreneurs and business owners may not be able to reach out to a hundred people during physical promoting in a location at a specific time. But with social media, one can reach out to millions of people that are interested in your products just at a sitting. I encourage entrepreneurs to create as many social media accounts as possible and use it for promoting their company products.

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