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How to secure any job with this interview trick

We all know that before you can secure a job in any organization of your choice, you have to attend the company interview first after submitting your application to them. I come to realize that, many people find it difficult to pass this stage when searching for a job. so i decided to come up with today's article so as to help those people achieve their goals on time.

What is interview?

Interview is a meeting of people face to face, especially for consultation.
It from the interview result the company will use in selecting people to employ.

If your performance is great you will definitely secure the job, and if your performance was bad your application will be turn down.

So in other to secure any job of your choice, i will urge you to please put the following into consideration.

Simple tricks you can use in securing any job of your choice when you are called for an interview

1). Dress in business casual attire

This refers to your appearance, the way you dress.
I have seen some organization giving employment to people that dress well. So always dress corporate whenever you are called for an interview.
For men:
Put on suit if possible and shocking with your belt. Don't wear jeans or a bathroom sleepers to an interview.

For women:
Put on suit if possible and also shocking with your belt. Don't wear skirt that is too short or too tight to an interview.

2). Always remember to go with your resume

Alot of people don't know what is the meaning of "resume". Resume is another name for C.V,

I remember an interview meeting i attended some years back, do you know many people did not secure the job just because the company asked them to submit their "resume".
All of them were holding a brown envelope which i Know it contains their C.V. Since they have no idea of what a "resume" his, they left without submitting it.

So don't get fooled by them.

3). Don't fight or quarrel anyone

I have come across an interview where the CEO or the boss of the organization act like an applicant just to watch people characters  and behaviors. So if you are called for an interview, i will urge you to be friendly, jovial and not be rude to anyone around you.

4). Prepared yourself

They will definitely ask you questions. So before going for an interview please endeavor to make yourself grounded by reading or browsing out things that are related to your field.

5). Be at the venue as early as possible

Let take for example you are called for an interview. In which the time for the meeting was 8am, my take here is to be there before 7am. Because some organization use this to judge how serious you are about securing the job.

6). Make sure your phone is on at all time

Last but not least always remember to put your phone on when you forward your application to any organization, because company's don't usually called rather they send texts messages.

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