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How to start used phone business in Nigeria

Selling of London used phones is profitable electronics and very lucrative telecommunication business one can start in Nigeria. There is a lot of money in selling of London used phones. Here are the reasons:
a). Humans, consider cellphones to be the most fastest means of communicating with people that are in far distances and not everybody can afford to buy a new phone, instead they go for London used phones.
b). The demands for it is very high in the market.

What is London used phones?

London used phones are fairly used phones, that are rebranded, tested, verified and much safer to buy than purchasing second hand phones, which may land you in serious problem. So why do people buy London used phones?

Reasons why people buy London used phones?

a). They are not expensive
b). It is tested and free from any fault
c). More safer than second hand phones.

What are the things you need to start this business

1). Better location
Before starting this business it will be of great advantage to find a better location, because wrong or bad location will definitely reduce the numbers of sales you will be making. So i suggest you get a place at a junction or a market place where people can easily locate you. And once you have secure a better location, you can go ahead and pay for it, by renting.

2). Furnishing materials
After paying the rental fees, the next important thing to do is to furnish the place with necessary resources. example of such resources are: flooring the ground with tiles, mounting of fluorescent bulbs, roofing etc. In general just make the place look nice and attractive.

3). Show-glass
Show-glass is also part of important things that should be in your shop, as this will help you in marketing aspects.
Show-glass is made up of transparent glass and aluminum, which are mostly constructed by furnitures. You can get one for yourself by ordering someone to construct it for you or go to the market and purchase it there.

Show-glass are use for marketing purpose. You can spread your London used phones inside it for people to see.

Where and how to purchase London uses phones

After paying and furnishing, it time to make a trip to phones Villa in Lagos State or phones village in Kano State. This two state's which i mentioned above are considered to be a market place where you can purchase London uses phones at a cheaper price in Nigeria. Or you can import them for overseas if you have connections.
When you got there, asked around for companies that sells London used phones in bulk from people you meet in the market place.
After you have being directed as per the description you received, now walk into the company and source for London use phones you intend buying.
Don't source for one manufactured products like "Tecno" alone, source for different manufactured products E.g "Tecno", "Gionee", "Samsung", "Nokia" etc. This are my reasons.
Mr A might have interest in "Tecno" phones while Mr B might not have interest in "Tecno" phones. 
So it will be good to purchase randomly from different manufacturer companies. After sourcing, now bargain and negotiate with the company on the price.

Profits of Selling London used phones

Selling of London used phones is a profitable business that can yield more money for you if only you can go into it. Here is a rough sketch on how much you can make from selling one London used phone.
For instance, you purchase a London used phone at a cost of #2,000 naira from London used phones company as wholesaler. Do you know if you take the same phone to your shop you can sell the phone back to your customers at a cost of #4,000 --- #5,000 naira? I guess you don't know. That is just a rough sketch, but the amount of money you can make through selling of London used phones can be beyond imagination if only you are in a better location.

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