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Campus life day one and two

Episode 1
I am Daniel, it all started immediately after i got admission into the polytechnic. My dad asked me to move to the campus because he couldn't afford my transportation fee because it's expensive. But my mom wanted me to be going to school and be coming back home daily, so she tried all she could to persuade my dad to change he's decision but all prove abortive so  she was left with no option than to accept.

Episode 2
A day before i was to move to the campus, my mom went to the market and bought me some food stuffs together with kitchen utensil and other things i will be in need of at the campus and brought them home.
Now the day as come for me to move to the campus. My brother  helped me to carry my luggage to the motor pack and my dad gave me some money for my transportation and pocket money. My mom standing next to my dad wave at me and wishes me best of luck. So i took my leave.

Episode 3: day one
Immediately i got to the campus, i went straight to the campus management office to collect my hostel key, hostel id card and other necessary items, i was assigned to room 21 at the hostel. So i left, on getting to room 21 i pushed the door, entered and met 3 guys and 4 beds so i greeted them and introduced myself as a new person that will be joining them in staying together. They all welcome me and showed me my bed and a place to keep my luggage.
That night i couldn't sleep because i was not feeling comfortable sleeping with strangers so i operate my phone till day break.

Episode 4: day two
It was pass 6am i woke up my roommates  and ask them to lead me to the place where i can get water to take my bath because my  lectures commence  8:30am everyday. Two of them carried a bucket each and went along with me, i thought getting the water is closed by not knowing it a far place.  We eventually got there and luckily enough to get water and returned back to the hostel.
I quickly turned my water into a bathing bucket and went straight into the bathroom to wash myself. After bathing, i took my breakfast and went to the lecture room, i got to the lecture room around 7:30 and met few students in the class who are also waiting for the lecture to start.

Episode 5
The lecturer came in around 8:35am and started lecturing us. The lecture room was boring, silent and i was feeling sleepy. I couldn't grab nor understand anything that the lecturer was teaching, all i know i did was warming the chair. At the end of the lecture,the lecturer gave us an assignment to be submitted in his next class. I copied it from the board to my book. Now it 10:30 am for the next lecture. The lecturer did not come on time, she came quarter to 12:00am and asked everyone to introduce his/herself. She state her rules and left.

Episode 6
Now it was 12:30 pm time for break, i went outside and buy kunu and buns to sustain myself before the next class. After buying, i went back to the lecture room to take my appetizer.
After the break, the lecturer came  in to lecture us, still couldn't grab anything till he finished and left. I went back to the hostel feeling tired, hungry and worried that i can't even attempt changing my wears. I picked up my phone and called my mom and ask her to be praying for me because campus life is not easy. She said to me my son nothing good comes easily,she said that all these graduates on Corper uniform also passes through what am passing through right now. She urge and encourage me to be focus that it a matter of time, "i will adjust to campus life"so i ended the call.

Campus life day one and two is a true life story about myself, this story tells how my two days went in campus.

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