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The play boy

David just graduated from the University, he has no intention of getting married or settling down instead he find pleasure in playing with ladies heart. One day on his way to fetch water he meet Jennifer and said to her "hi beautiful one" Jennifer answered with smile on her face and she was attracted to David because no one as ever approached her like that before.

David exchange contact with Jennifer in order to cajole her just as the way he normally plays with the rest ladies.
In the evening, David called Jennifer on phone and schedule on meeting with her under a mango tree the next day. Jennifer was happy after receiving the call, "in her mind she thought she had found a man to spend the rest of her life with", even when she knows nothing about David.

The next day, Jennifer woke up early and dressed in her best attire waiting for David call, eventually David called and Jennifer went to meet him as scheduled. They discussed alot of things about themselves, laugh, joke and gist.
It about to rain so they wave at each other and left.
David and Jennifer relationship started growing from there, "Jennifer can't stay without calling or texting David a day" so David use that chance to be extorting money from her, atimes Jennifer will lie to her Dad that she needs money to buy something for herself just to meet all David needs.
David uses all the money he collected from Jennifer to gamble, flex and have fun with other ladies.

So one day, Jennifer wanted to pays David a visit without informing him.
On getting there, she caught David red-handed cheating with another lady in his room.
She went back home cried through the night and make up her mind to informed her Dad about the secret relationship between her and David.
Jennifer "Daddy" i have something to discuss with you Dad answered "my daughter" what is it? She narrate how David cheat and mess with her heart. The father was angry.

The next day Jennifer Dad invite David to his house and ask him some few questions about "what is going on between him and his daughter". David answered, "nothing" and that provoke Jennifer dad the more so he send for Army to come to his place that he have someone to dealt with, the army arrived and took David to Guard room beat him up and starve him for some days before handing him over to the police.

The end
David suffer and learnt his lesson.

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