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My wicked uncle (short story)

Episode 1
I am James, I came from a wealthy family, Am the only son of captain Mo, I started living a rugged life immediately after my parent's death. My wicked Uncle step on my dad properties which is meant for me and drove me out.

Episode 2
I plead, beg with tears in my eyes for him to allow me stay, but he refused so i left because i was too young and powerless to charge him to court.
After that day i started living on the street, caters for my needs through begging of money, and food. Sometimes i steal from people just to survive.

Episode 3
One day, I was trying to steal, a police catch and took me to police station. The police man is known to be a man of integrity and compassionate, so he ask me this questions "Why am i stealing?" And "Where are my parents?" I couldn't said anything only tears was rolling from my eyes, the police man quickly calm me down and buy me some food then take me to his house.

Episode 4
I stays there for a month and some days, now i was happy and becoming free with the police man. So the police man knew and still repeat is questions "Where are my parents?" I answered and narrate everything to the police man how my Uncle seized everything my dad left for me.

Episode 5
The police man felt sorry for me and asked if i can still remember my Uncle face and house, that he his ready to collect everything back for me and also punish him for what he did, i answered "Yes" and the police man went back to sleep.

Episode 6
The next day, the police man invited my Uncle to the station and charges him to court. Afterward, i was able to live happily.

The end
This short story shows how wicked the world is and how God can see someone through the storm of life.

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