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How to create Media.net adverts unit

Creating advert unit in media.net is as simple as ABC if your blog as being approved, because an approved account will always have access to the dashboard and other settings.
Oh yes i welcome you to Pauloyewole's blogging and business tips, but today am going to show you how to create advert unit on Media.net.

So, what is the use of creating adverts units

1). Creating advert unit provides you with options to customize the look of advert that will displays on your blog.
2). It from advert units creation you get codes to insert into your blog, though you will be giving a snippet code to install in between your blog <head> tag for verification.
3). You got to select if you want responsive adverts of normal adverts from adverts unit creation.

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Types of Media.net adverts unit

1). Responsive Unit
2). Sticky Mobile Docked Unit

Sizes of Media.net adverts units

1). 300 x 250 - (Medium Rectangle) recommended
2). 728 x 90 - (Leaderboard) recommended
3). 970 x 250 - (Billboard)
4). 320 x 50 - (Smartphone Banner)
5). 970 x 90 - (Super Leaderboard)
6). 160 x 600 - (Wide Skyscraper)
7). 300 x 600 - (Half Page Ad)

How to create Media.net adverts unit

1). Goto Media.net and sign into your dashboard
2). From the dashboard select "Ad Units"  from the panel and click on "Add New" button on the next page

3). Give your advert a name, select the size, checked "Responsive" and "Sticky Mobile Docked Unit"
4). Click "Save & Get Code" button
5). On the next page click on "COPY CODE" button next to Body and paste it anywhere before the closing <body> tag.

For blogs created with blogger.com i recommend adding a new "HTML gadget" then paste the codes inside.

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