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How to write Google AdSense privacy policy for site approval

Believe me or not there are different ways of writing privacy policy for site but "during site reviewing, Google AdSense have some specific ones they accept". Though, privacy policy is not the only thing that can guarantee a site approval, but it good to know that having "privacy policy" page on a site is also part of Google AdSense criteria for both "new" and "existing" publishers.
So are you in need of Google AdSense approval? If yes then you need this post more than anyone else, because today's article will cover most of the things you need to know about writing a Google AdSense privacy policy for site approval.
So, without taking much of your time i will love to discuss briefly "The definition of Privacy policy and why we need it on our blogs even if we are not going to apply for Google AdSense".

Definition of privacy policy

According to privacypolicytemplate.net : a privacy policy is a legal document that details how a website gathers, stores, shares, and sells data about its visitors. This data typically includes items such as a user's name, address, birthday, marital status, medical history, and consumer behavior. The specific contents of this document depend upon the laws in the legal jurisdiction in which your business operates.

Why we need privacy policy on our blogs

Privacy policy is a standalone page on a site which tells your blog readers most especially (first timers) visiting your blog for the very first time:
  • What you use information collected on your site for
  • How you safeguard those information
  • Reasons why you gather those information
  • Advertising networks being used on your site
This page is always positioned or installed on the (header or footer) part of every blogs for easy visibility.

Steps to write Google AdSense privacy policy page for site approval

You can choose to generate privacy policy online using free tools but according to Google AdSense your privacy policy should include the following:

1). What kind of information your collect on your site and what you use it for.

2). How you safeguard those informations.

3). Third party vendors, including Google, use cookies to serve ads based on a user's prior visits to your website.

4). Google's use of advertising cookies enables it and its partners to serve ads to your users based on their visit to your sites.

5). Users may opt out of personalized advertising by visiting Ads Settings. (Alternatively, you can direct users to opt out of a third-party vendor's use of cookies for personalized advertising by visiting.

6). Notify your site visitors of the third-party vendors and ad networks serving ads on your site.

7). Provide links to the appropriate vendor and ad network websites.

8). Inform your users that they may visit those websites to opt out of the use of cookies for personalized advertising (if the vendor or ad network offers this capability).

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