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Beginners guide for fresh bloggers

Hi, welcome to pauloyewole free blog mentoring service.
Are you a beginner who is trying to build is blog to the fullest and earn money? If yes then you have come to the right place.
Because everything you need from the point of creation to the point of how you can earn money with your blog are  all inside my blog.

Just follow the below steps that is all.

Note: each steps are clickable links which directs you to a page where you can easily learn how to build and monetize your blog.

1). Start by creating a blog

2). Choose a blog title

3). Learn how to do template backup/reinstall

4). Download and install a custom template/theme

5). Arrange your blog gadgets

6). Remove copyright on your custom template/theme

7). Add your own copyright details

8). You can now make your first posts, but please don't copy anyone contents. Click here to learn how to write a better blog posts and how to make your first post

9). Add meta tags to your homepage and to your blog posts.

10). Get a custom domain name for yourself e.g pauloyewole.com

11). Add stand-alone pages to your blog e.g ( About us, Contact us, Privacy policy etc)

12). Add Facebook chat button to your blog

13). Learn how to automatically publish your blog posts on your social media accounts for free

14). Learn how to track the numbers of your blog views

15). Submit your blog URL to Google

16). Check your blog whether it as started showing on Google

17). If your blog posts as started showing up on Google then you can continue posting.

18). Things to do before applying for monetization

19). You can now monetize your blog, with either Google AdSense or Media.net and earn cool cash. But mind you, you have to have at least five well written articles on your blog before applying.

Was this helpful? If yes please don't forget to comment, share and invite your friends to come over and learn for free!!!

Note: if you find any page that is not clear to you, please kindly drop your comment on the page for clarification.

Happy blogging!!!

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